Plastic Pollution

The Flipflopi Dhow: Returning Home — Short Documentary

InfoNile’s documentary features the Flipflopi, the world’s first 100% recycled plastic boat, which sailed more than five hundred kilometers around Lake Victoria in March to bring together communities in the fight against plastic pollution.

Plastic waste choking life in Lake Victoria

Fishermen in Lake Victoria Uganda, are lamenting the effects of plastic pollution in the water body.
Environmental researchers are concerned that continued disregard of proper plastic management endangers aquatic and wildlife.
Uganda battles to legislate the single-use plastic ban

Mwanza City embarks on a strategic plan to stop plastic waste leakage in Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is one of the highlights of Mwanza Region in Tanzania. The second-largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Victoria is shared by Uganda and Kenya along with Tanzania. This reporter visited the shores of the Lake in Nyamagana District, Mwanza Region, where waste is rampant. Fishermen blame the problem on poor management of trash.

Usenge, a beach choked by plastic

Usenge is not just one of Lake Victoria’s top busy beaches but also the leading producer of solid waste that end up in the lake.
When fishermen go fishing, they carry soft drinks and snacks. They discard the plastic waste into the water after using.