Restored wetland in Bushenyi, Uganda to support agriculture, fish farming

In Bushenyi, Uganda, a wetland conservation project hopes to restore the natural habitat while pumping water to nearby farmers for cultivation.

In Eastern Uganda, a New Solar-Powered Irrigation Project Helps Farmers Save Wetlands

Farmers in Paliisa, eastern Uganda, are earning hundreds of dollars more every week through a new solar-powered drip irrigation project that allows them to cultivate year-round in lands outside of the wetland.

Rising demand for sand worsens drought occurrence

Water Journalists Africa Water Journalists AfricaMay 07, 2019 With the global demand for sand and gravel standing at 40 to

Saving Swamps in East Africa

InfoNile is marking World Water Day 2019 with 4 original multimedia stories on innovative solutions that are working to conserve wetlands in East Africa.

WASTE to WEALTH: How Kenyan farmers are bringing life back to degraded Lake Victoria swamps

Annika McGinnis A 3-year project by Ecofinder Kenya, an NGO working in the Winam Gulf wetlands around Kisumu, offered families

Decades of wise use pay off for a Kabale wetland

Fredrick Mugira Community ownership agreement in Mugandu-Buramba wetland has kept the wetland intact for 40 years while helping farmers gain

Rwanda: Government eviction of developers from wetlands pays off, but more left to do

Leonce Muvuni This story was supported by a grant from InfoNile and Code for Africa. By Leonce Muvuni The Rwandan

Local fishmongers cry out as mudfish nears extinction

Cliff Abenaitwe Mudfish traders have no option but to increase prices of this delicious species of fish due to its

Mara wetland: Birds sing in their habitat: How Birdlife’s conservation efforts make birds and humans coexist in Mara region

Elias Hakizimana By Elias Hakizimana It was a tough experience for birds in Tanzania’s Mara Wetland when local communities would