Transboundary Cooperation

‘Sugypia’ by Ethiopia’s Eyayu Genet: Art for the Nile

Ethiopian artist Eyayu Genet uses his art and paintings to showcase transboundary issues and importance of the Nile.

Beyond Fueling Land Grabs: Dams and Reservoirs Worsen Water Shortages

New Vision Fredrick Mugira February 05, 2019 Kaswa is a small village along river Muzizi, 285 kilometers west of Kampala,

Ethiopia’s largest lake crippled by water weed and gaps in polices to conserve it

Water Journalists Africa Dagim Terefe Lake Tana, the source of Blue Nile ranks the largest lake in Ethiopia. But it’s

The Blue Nile is Not Blue!

Water Journalists Africa Ishraqa AbbasWhen our polite tour guide at the Grand Addis Ababa Hotel told us that our trip

Karuma Hydropower Project nears Completion

Water Journalists Africa Water Journalists Africa As the 600 MW Karuma Hydropower project edges towards completion, a crucial milestone is

Life After Gibe III Dam Construction: Kenya’s Smallest Tribe Struggles to Survive as Lake Turkana Water Recedes

Water Journalists Africa Story by Fredrick Mugira, Video by Benedict Moran For most El Molo people in Kenya, the past

Water shortage threatens lives of evictees from Akagera river neighbourhoods

Mohammed Mupenda By Mohammed M. Mupenda Rusumo, Transboundary project – Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program (NELSAP) expresses water shortage

Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Dam Project Launched in Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi

Jean Claude Mutuyeyezu The Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project, which kicked off in March after decades of planning, is expected to

Co-Production of Knowledge Set To Unlock Mistrust between Journalists and Scientists in Nile Basin

Fredrick Mugira By Fredrick Mugira Journalists and water scientists in the Nile basin are rooting for innovative strategies to bridge