CHAMPIONS OF SUSTAINABILITY: East African youth are innovating to adapt to climate change

Youth in communities across East Africa are innovating to adapt to the region’s changing climate, a cross-border project led by InfoNile has found.

USD $200 million needed to stop flooding in Dar es Salaam’s Msimbazi Basin

By Deusdedith Kahangwa, Dar es Salaam  About three kilometers north of the Tanzania’s State House, which is located along Barack

Unsafe water raises COVID-19 risks in Mbeya, Tanzania

Residents of Madundasi and Lyala villages in Luhanga Ward in Mbarali district – in Tanzania’s Mbeya Region are at risk of contracting waterborne diseases due to the use of unsafe water.

Saving Swamps in East Africa

InfoNile is marking World Water Day 2019 with 4 original multimedia stories on innovative solutions that are working to conserve wetlands in East Africa.

Health hazard looms in fishing community of Chiulu in Tanzania

Patrick Kossima Patrick Kossima, Unyanja FM Radio The constant harassment of fishermen by authorities in a beach village next to

Tanganyika: A lake on the verge of extinction

Prosper Kwigize Proper Kwigize Lake Tanganyika caters for the water needs of more than 50 million people in four countries

Lack of Clean Water Fuels Tanzania’s Cholera Outbreak

Raymond Mhaluka Raymond Mhaluka July 04, 2018 Cholera incidents in Songwe District of Songwe Province were an issue towards the

Poor Sanitation Could Worsen Tanzania Cholera Outbreaks

Raymond Mhaluka Raymond Mhaluka July 04, 2018 Lack of proper sanitation facilities in Songwe District of Songwe Province was cited

What Is Eating up MV Liemba’s Dock Space at Lake Tanganyika?

An InfoNile Original Feature  By Prosper Kwigize For the past 100 years, smooth docking at Kigoma Harbor of Lake Tanganyika