Eastern Nile Basin. Journalists are not suffering alone

Ishraqa Abbas Ishraqa Abbas Journalists are not the only ones who face great challenges in terms of Nile water information.

Solar Energy in Sudan: The Beginning

Mohamed Alhaj Mohamed Alhaj Why talk about solar energy in Sudan? The topic is due to three main reasons: 1.

Tuti Island .. Welcoming the Nile Flood

Abeer Rabye Abeer Rabye Between Blue Nile and White Nile The island of Tuti is located in the Sudanese capital

Communities are increasingly experiencing water scarcity as a result of climate change, a phenomenon that affects the livelihoods. Photo by Mary Mwendwa
“We demand water and decisive actions”

End Water Poverty Hanan El-Amin Muddathir EnvI currently acts as the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) civil society organisations

Fears over Ethiopian dam’s costly impact on environment, people

Sean Avery CAPTION: A man hangs fish to dry on the western shore of Lake Turkana. Reuters/Goran Tomasevic Sean Avery,

Nile Water: Why Ethiopia’s new dam is a ‘no-war’ project

Mabior Philip By Mabior Philip Through a concrete barrier, water flush forcefully, producing a froth. Maelstroms crash against the other and

The Win-Win Situation on the GERD

Solomon Goshu By Solomon Goshu After the announcement of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in 2011, Ethiopia,

Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan: Renewed Diplomatic Rivalry

Solomon Goshu By Solomon Goshu Ethiopia-Egypt-Sudan relationship is an extremely complicated one by any standards. For ages, they have engaged