Killing of Grand Renaissance Dam Manager Won’t Stop Ethiopia from Building the Dam – PM Abiy Ahimed

Konjit Teshome Konjit Teshome (Addis Ababa) Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has vowed that the killing of the Grand Renaissance Dam

Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam Manager Killed in Addis Ababa

Konjit Teshome Konjit Teshome (Addis Ababa) The project manager of the dam being built by Ethiopia along the Nile River

Talks between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan concluded successfully

Konjit Teshome Konjit Teshome Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   The 2nd tripartite talks in Addis Ababa between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan’s

Water in the Vision of Egypt 2030 and Ethiopia 2020

عبير ربيع Abeer Rabei The development problem is that a single recipe is suitable for all developing countries. The structural

Co-Production of Knowledge Set To Unlock Mistrust between Journalists and Scientists in Nile Basin

Fredrick Mugira By Fredrick Mugira Journalists and water scientists in the Nile basin are rooting for innovative strategies to bridge

Nile Water: Why Ethiopia’s new dam is a ‘no-war’ project

Mabior Philip By Mabior Philip Through a concrete barrier, water flush forcefully, producing a froth. Maelstroms crash against the other and

The Win-Win Situation on the GERD

Solomon Goshu By Solomon Goshu After the announcement of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in 2011, Ethiopia,

Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan: Renewed Diplomatic Rivalry

Solomon Goshu By Solomon Goshu Ethiopia-Egypt-Sudan relationship is an extremely complicated one by any standards. For ages, they have engaged