Beyond Fueling Land Grabs: Dams and Reservoirs Worsen Water Shortages

New Vision Fredrick Mugira February 05, 2019 Kaswa is a small village along river Muzizi, 285 kilometers west of Kampala,

Water in the Vision of Egypt 2030 and Ethiopia 2020

عبير ربيع Abeer Rabei The development problem is that a single recipe is suitable for all developing countries. The structural

GERD is scientific issue, not political: Shoukry

Konjit Teshome CAIRO – 8 May 2018: Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry stressed Monday that the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance

No breakthrough in Nile dam talks between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan

Konjit Teshome Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have failed again to make progress on their Nile dispute as Ethiopia works to

مصر وزير الرى. سيزور اثيوبيا وسط خلافات GERD

Konjit Teshome القاهرة – 4 مايو 2018: وسط خلافات مستمرة بين القاهرة وأديس أبابا حول سد النهضة الأثيوبية الكبير (EGRD)

Nile dam won’t harm Egypt: new Ethiopian leader

Konjit Teshome KHARTOUM: Ethiopia’s newly appointed prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, said Thursday that the controversial dam his country is building

Sudan, Ethiopia agree to joint military force to protect dam

Konjit Teshome Sudan and Ethiopia have agreed to setup joint forces which will protect Addis Ababa’s Grand Renaissance Dam. The

Egypt wants to speed up Ethiopia dam negotiations

Konjit Teshome Egypt said on Sunday it wants talks over a dam Ethiopia is building speeded up in a sign