Thirst in a River Basin (How to read the map)

The InfoNile interactive map pinpoints the areas most vulnerable to changing rainfall and runoff patterns – factors that contribute to droughts and floods – and those that are already facing water scarcity.

Chania River Biodiversity under serious threat from pollution and encroachment

In the Thika section of the Chania River, there are massive inflows of wastewater, chemicals, raw sewage, as well as large amounts of solid waste including plastic bottles and bags.

South Sudan’s plans for conservation, as the country feels the impact of climate change

Plastic bottles and bags constitute 90 percent of the waste products that are found in major towns in South Sudan, and there is no plan to recycle or to switch to another eco-friendly product. In 2018 the government issued a ministerial order banning the use of single plastic bags, but it failed because there were a lot of smugglers.

In South Sudan, people living near water still lack clean water and sanitation

83 percent of assessed settlements not using latrines
11 percent of the population still rely on unimproved drinking water sources such as open ponds that expose them to waterborne diseases.
Pollution contributes to the poor condition of water and sanitation around Lake Yirol
Lakes State Program aims to increase access to safe water and help communities increase their incomes

Fishing exports from Lake Yirol, South Sudan decline after Covid-19 lockdown

Approximately 78 percent of all households in South Sudan earn their livelihoods from farming, fishing, pastoralism or a mix of the three

The Flipflopi Dhow: Returning Home — Short Documentary

InfoNile’s documentary features the Flipflopi, the world’s first 100% recycled plastic boat, which sailed more than five hundred kilometers around Lake Victoria in March to bring together communities in the fight against plastic pollution.

How Fishing Activities, Poaching are Fueling Decline of Sea Turtles in the Kenyan Coast

By Sharon Atieno Just like the members of his community in Marereni, John Katana, a reformed turtle poacher, once believed

Plastic waste choking life in Lake Victoria

Fishermen in Lake Victoria Uganda, are lamenting the effects of plastic pollution in the water body.
Environmental researchers are concerned that continued disregard of proper plastic management endangers aquatic and wildlife.
Uganda battles to legislate the single-use plastic ban

A Crisis in a Crisis: How the displaced people of Darfur in Sudan are dealing with water shortage amid a political transition and Covid-19 pandemic

Women specially suffer from the issue of water, because the burden of providing water to their families falls on their shoulders, they walk every day to the water distribution area, where they wait in line for hours to get to fill their water bottles.