Climate change exacerbates flooding in Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Lake Nakuru is one of the three shallow, alkaline lakes at the bottom of Kenya’s Rift Valley where African Lesser Flamingos can be found. Thousands of flamingos can be found in Lake Nakuru throughout the year, and sometimes more than a million could be seen at once

Kenya: Credit Tanks Improving Accessibility to Water in Makueni Villages

“The nearby borehole serves the entire village making water to be competitive in this area. The people responsible for serving the residents open it at around 9.00 a.m. and thereby occasioning a very long queue of villagers lining up to draw water. To avoid time wastage, many opt to use the water from the nearby dam,” says Kitonyi Malika, a resident of Muani village.

Reclaiming the Glory of Uganda’s Lake Wamala

For centuries people protected Lake Wamala and prayed o the spirits they believe to dwell in this lake for life, love, health, and wealth. But today, this mystic lake is at risk of drying up due to over-fishing and farming the lake shores, as the population of Mityana district has grown. The local communities have now taken matters into their own hands to try to save the lake.