We Need to Talk About Geo-Engineering

The climate situation has become more dire. Even if countries meet their current commitments under the Paris Agreement, that would still likely lead to warming of well over 2 degrees Celsius, a level predicted to be catastrophic for human civilization.

The pain that is plastic wastes in Lake Victoria

The plastic situation has been worsened by a lack of a petrol station on the island which means that all fuel products must be ferried from the mainland in bottles.

Authorities call for an urgent solution, as plastic waste bites Lake Victoria islands

Fishermen on Mageta Island in Kenya are making five times less from their dwindling catches. The biggest challenge they are facing are the water bottles

Usenge, a beach choked by plastic

Usenge is not just one of Lake Victoria’s top busy beaches but also the leading producer of solid waste that end up in the lake.
When fishermen go fishing, they carry soft drinks and snacks. They discard the plastic waste into the water after using.

New app to help Kenyan youth collect and recycle plastic waste along lakeshores

Two teenagers in Kisumu, Kenya are developing a mobile application targeting the youth to help collect and recycle plastic waste

Plastic Pollution of Lake Victoria in Uganda: Who is to Blame?

By Jenipher Asiimwe, Uganda Is plastic pollution intentional or it is done unknowingly? Who is responsible for protecting the lake

‘We are in trouble,’ Lake Victoria fishers cry out as plastics accumulate in the lake

Most villages in Tanzania do not have even a single litter bin.
In many parts of the shores of Lake Victoria, plastics are everywhere.
The fishing community is blamed for using illegal fishing nets made out of plastic
A 2015 study conducted in the Mwanza region of Tanzania found evidence of microplastics in at least 20% of Nile perch (Lates niloticus) and Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) species.

Tiny microplastics found in cosmetics, household cleaning products are secretly poisoning Lake Victoria

Using the Beat The MicroBead(BTMB) app, we randomly picked twelve cosmetics off a shelf in a supermarket to check if they contained microplastics.
Among the 11 products, 5 of them have microplastics in them. The products that have microplastic are; F and W exfoliating shower gel, Dove shower gel, Listerine Advanced Mouthwash(had sceptical microplastics), Pantene shampoo and conditioner and Johnson’s Face care gel wash. None of these products is a local product.
In humans, microbeads kill more than 1 million people. On average, an individual eats and inhales 70,000 plastic particles each year.

Finding Bread in Waste

Women’s group in Kisumu creates products from plastic trash and water hyacinth, and has sent almost 300 orphans to school.