Circular Economy Best Bet to Tackle Solid Waste Menace in Kenya

It is estimated that Kenya generates 22,000 metric tonnes of waste per day, with around 60 per cent of it being organic waste that can be recycled to something usable.

Sudan, After the Flood (In Photos)

Photographer Roger Anis spends two weeks traveling to villages in Sudan that were devastated by the extreme floods of 2020.

Uganda’s First Oil: What is at Stake?

French oil multinational Total, its partner investors, and the Ugandan and Tanzanian governments will soon finalize their decision on the Lake Albert Development Project, Uganda’s first oil development
The effects of potential oil spills and infrastructure development would cause irreversible damage in the ecologically sensitive Albertine Region, which contributes 30% of Uganda’s fish stocks

Rothschild Giraffe crossing a path in Nairobi National Park
Saving the Rothschild Giraffe in Kenya

The Rothschild Giraffe, only found in Kenya and Uganda, is alarmingly decreasing in population and faces risk of extinction.

Top InfoNile Stories of 2020: Water, Climate Change and COVID-19 in the Nile Basin

The top InfoNile projects and stories of 2020, highlighting important stories in the Nile Basin around water access, climate change, wildlife and Covid-19.

CHAMPIONS OF SUSTAINABILITY: East African youth are innovating to adapt to climate change

Youth in communities across East Africa are innovating to adapt to the region’s changing climate, a cross-border project led by InfoNile has found.

Sucked Dry: Foreign Land Deals Threaten to Impair River Nile, Displace Millions

WHO OWNS THE WATERS OF THE NILE? A yearlong cross-border data journalism investigation about large-scale foreign land deals in the Nile

Water station in Neem village.
The Dark Side of Sudan’s Oil

Decades of oil drilling in West Kordofan province was linked to water contamination, environmental changes and health effects for citizens. Details here…

Elusive commodity: Documenting the pain communities in Goma, DR Congo go through to take water home (Photo Story)

Only 42% of DRC’s 81 million population has access to safe water. In this photo story, Guerchom Ndebo documents the woes that residents of the villages surrounding the volcano, including Goma city suburbs, face as they struggle to bring water home for consumption, sanitation, and hygiene services.  

Charcoal Burners Turn into Enviromental Conservationists in Kenya

By Linah Mwamachi Here is a story about eight reformed charcoal burners in Makina, Taita Taveta County in Kenya, who

Uganda’s Mbale Forest on Brink of Destruction In Favour of Development

By Javier Silas Omagor   For decades, Mbale central forest reserve also known as Mutoto forest has environmentally been an ecosystem

How we reported the dual dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic and a water crisis in the Nile Basin

Water is a basic need to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other diseases. But even before the pandemic, communities

Solar energy transforms Uganda’s off-grid healthcare amidst Covid19 pandemic

Half of Ugandans live in areas served by the national hydroelectric power grid. The government visions that by 2040 every Ugandan should have access to power. And about 30 percent of this is expected to come from solar.

Washing Away The ‘Blue Gold’ of Ethiopia (PHOTO STORY)

By : Mekonnen Teshome Tollera In Ethiopia, soil is everything. Living in an agrarian society, Ethiopians have a great deal

Cooking Gas from Human Waste in Kibera, Kenya

An estimated 14% of Kenyan practice open defecation. Currently, only three counties in Kenya – Busia, Siaya, and Kitui have achieved the open defecation-free status.

Charcoal exports are emptying Uganda’s unique rainforests

80% of the urban population in East Africa uses coal as their primary energy source for cooking. But today, charcoal import is threatening Uganda’s trees.

Youth Group in Kenya Building Resilience of Kibera Community against Flooding

By Sharon Atieno With people living in informal settlements in urban areas being more prone to extreme weather events, such