InfoNile is a geojournalism platform mapping data on water issues in the Nile River basin of Africa with journalism stories to promote transboundary peace.

The Nile River, the world’s longest river, winds through 11 countries in Africa and is crucial to many of these nations’ economies, diplomacy and wellbeing. The river is also a world biodiversity hotspot and the backbone to many of Africa’s fragile ecosystems.

Today, it is under new and evolving threats: climate change, population and economic growth, transboundary hydropolitics, and the building of large-scale dams that threaten to reduce water availability for countries highly dependent on the Nile’s waters – just to name a few.

InfoNile seeks to bridge the gap between scientists and researchers collecting data on issues of water in the Nile Region, journalists reporting on such issues, and members of the public, in order to increase mutual awareness and understanding of the various dimensions to water issues of this ancient and most significant river.

We aggregate citizen, local and international reporting on the various dimensions of water issues in the Nile Basin, ranging from the environmental and sociocultural to the economic and political. Our major content partner is Water Journalists Africa, a network of about 700 journalists in Africa spread across some 50 countries that report on water. We also commission in-depth special projects on water to journalists reporting in the region.

Do you know of an important story that’s not being told? Submit your story or story tip through the link on our home page to help us keep water stakeholders accountable and improve our coverage of the region.

You can share our interactive maps here or embed one on your site. All data is open-source and available to download.

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